Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome Back

Ok, so we into 2011 and it seems to be going fast already, nearly end of Jan. 1st , I would like to appolgies to all for lack of posting, 2nd here some bangers to keep the good times rolling.

Im gonna try make all new posts as diverse as possible with genres of all sorts

If you in South Africa around April this is one producer you dont wanna miss out on, yes people Neelix will be around :)

Felguk - Galaxy Traveler (Neelix Remix)
[Psy Trance]

Not a dubstep fan sorry to say, but this track seems to do it for me

The man is a king, Netsky we take our hats off for ya, enjoy the sound peeps
[Drum and Bass]

The greatest genre in Dance for me would no doubt be Progressive House, this is a great preview of how good it can get.

Michael Feiner - Peace (Original Mix)
[Progressive House]

Stay tuned
Peace Out

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