Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This crazy German kid that destroys dancefloors with earthquakes of Thunder Electro.
Cape Town beware of the fire this insanity is sure to boom up the clubs :)

Check out his Boats 'n Hoes Mixtape

Boats 'n Hoes by Blitzkrieg
[Electro House]

HAEZER - Warfare (feat. Label)
The Toxic Avenger - Toxic Is Dead (Cyberpunkers Remix)
Rhys - Hot Summer (Trumpdisco Remix) [Remastered]
Chewy Chocolate Cookies - This Is Massive (Cyberpunkers Remix)
AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Difuzion Krew Remix)
The Toxic Avenger - Rush Hour
The Bloody Beetroots - WARP 1977
Haezer - Here Come The Punks! (feat. Circe)
Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (Trumpdisco Remix) [mp3]
Slipknot - Duality (Belzebass Remix).mp3
Sawgood - Teenage Blitz (Blatta & Inesha Remix).mp3
chewinGUN - Belzebass.mp3
Shitdisco - 72 Virgins (Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Belzebass - Il maiale
Gtronic - Ironman (StereoHeroes Remix)
Trumpdisco - 1971
Haezer - WTFIH (Trumpdisco Remix)
Snob Es Ft. Gsus - Beatgrinder (Trashing Teenagers Remix)
Pendulum - The island part II (Cyberpunkers Mix).mp3
Suicide Silence - Bludgeoned To Death (Belzebass remix)
Radiohead - Pyramid Song (Zeds Dead Illuminati Remix)

Peace Out

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